Every wedding is different. You can ask us to photograph the whole wedding day or just a part of it. You can also ask us to photograph multiple days like a combination of the engagement ceremony, shoot-out, wedding ceremony and wedding party (as is costume with Indian weddings). We can provide two photographers in a way one will follow the bride and the other the groom in the morning. You can choose to get all photographs on a CD but can also choose and album, canvas prints, coffee table books, etc.

It all has a different price ticket and the best way to discover how much is to ask us a free quote we can discuss all options with you.

Wedding planning

We have many years of experience in photography. Western as well as Indian weddings. You can use our knowledge to fine tune the planning of your wedding. We will give you very valuable tips about locations, back-up locations, group photos, bridal party photos and so much more. Without our input, you will risk that you underestimate the time needed for taking those beautiful photos.

Wedding Photography

When you book us, you always get two photographers for the price of one. How so? My partner and me are both award winning photographers and can both handle our professional cameras and lighting equipment.

We have several professional cameras which can shoot both still photography as well as video.

We can setup a professional studio corner, equipped with professional lights

Photo editing

We are experts in photo editing. We use software like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom to guarantee a fast and professional workflow. This way we can give you a preview of the photos in a matter of days. We can also design a wedding album for you.

Albums / DVD

Albums come is a wide variety and they all have their own price-ticket. We can provide any album but you can also choose to have your images just delivered on a CD/DVD.

Stolk Photography


Photography is our passion